The Hen Do

It is Monday morning and it’s the week after the weekend before. Obviously.

The weekend before included my hen night and two days worth of girl time. It started with a bang, quite literally. Me and my mother-in-law to be bumped into each other’s cars when we were trying to rush. It was a complete accident but I think things come in three’s so was waiting for the next ‘oops’ moment. 

Both of us took the trip to my mums as four of us were leaving from there to the train station. On route, and me being me, I remembered that I hadn’t brought the paperwork that of course, was important to the trip to London. After a message to a friend who lives in London she happily printed out the forms and saved us another worry! 

After arriving at the train station there was a highly rushed moment of finding the train, locating two other lovely Hens coming to London and before we knew it 7 of us jumped on the train and we were off. Literally off. Two stops later on the ticket collector came around and pointed out we were on the wrong train. With the rush, two trains to London from the station and a couple of platform changes we had got on the wrong train! 

After speaking to a great station manager and wonderful train manager we were able to get seven seats on the next train into the city. Phew! Only half an hour later we were on the train finally on our way. 

On arrival we met up with our eighth and final Hen and headed to our hotel in Battersea. It was the Pestana Hotel Chelsea Bridge and it was fantastic. Modern with a spa in the basement and prosecco included it definitely exceeded expectations. Our first to-do of the weekend was to use the spa and pool. Consisting of a sauna and steam room it was great to finally relax and start to enjoy the time after the morning of stress. 

It wasn’t long before we were getting ready for our evening out. Cocktail making at the Piccadilly Institute had been booked, we had our goody bags filled with sashes and photo props and off we went. (After a prosecco or two.) It was the first time I had ever got an Uber and I can definitely recommend them if you’re in the city. 

The Piccadilly Institute was a great start to the evening. Our cocktail making host was named Kenny who made sure everything ran smoothly so we had a fun time. Making loads of cocktails, having a laugh and taking plenty of photos all the Hens enjoyed the evening and carried on dancing on the different areas of the club. Starting in the 90’s bar we headed to R’n’B  side of the club and treated ourselves to a couple more drinks before heading back to the hotel. It wasn’t super late and I was more than happy I wasn’t going to be crazily hungover the next day. 

Sunday started with a cooked breakfast and a spa session after packing our bags. A swim, sauna and plenty of water refreshed some of the Hens before our next trip out to Clapham. We were going Biscuit decorating and for an afternoon tea at Biscuiteers on Northcote Road. The two tier cake stand arrived with sandwiches and more sweet treats that could possibly have in one sitting. Including macaroons, brownies, biscuits and more we were also handed warm, fresh from the oven, scones. It was all delicious and as mentioned all of us brought something home to eat later. 
Biscuit decorating was also fun. Having done it before I had a rough idea of how to pipe but I can’t say that anymore skill shone through! The biscuits they sell in the shop are crazily skillfull and each one is perfect it’s hard to see how they do it so precisely once you’ve had a go. 

A tube journey back to Kings Cross to start our journey home and we were done. It felt like a busy weekend and there was a lot of travelling but I had a fantastic Hen weekend with my lovely Hens consisting of family and friends. I would certainly recommend the places we visited including the hotel if you’re planning a trip to London. 

If you’re planning a Hen weekend have a great time! 

Thanks for reading,

My Bridal Make up

For those that do not know, I’m getting married! It’s booked for mid-2017 and there’s a lot sorted but a lot still to do. One of the things I have of course thought about is my make up on the day. 

I’ve already been called crazy for even considering doing my own makeup on our wedding day but here are the reasons why I think it’s such a good idea:


If there was ever an obvious answer when it came to weddings this is it. Costs can add up quickly and anything to stay sensible helps. When choosing a MUA for the day you have to consider the cost of their time and at least one trial run. If then you’re still not sure on the particular artist or the make up they use you have to start looking again. The prices near me are anything around £50-£100 and that’s going to the salon the morning of the wedding, which brings me on to; 


The morning of will be super busy. Bridesmaids and close family getting ready at the same time all requiring space, mirrors and attention. Depending on how many are in your bridal party will determine how many MUA’s would be ideal but with just the one that makes for a crazy early start. This also makes it hard to be visiting multiple salons (hair and make up) in the morning as some wedding venues aren’t close to town or city centres. If you’re having the hair dresser and beauty therapist come to you add this to your costs. 


Many brides go for a natural daytime look with their make up and keep it close to their own style and taste. This is the main reason I’m planning on doing my own. It’s a very personal thing and I do it everyday. No one knows my face bettter than me, the good and the bad! I should probably say here that I did start training at the age of 16 to be a MUA for tv and film. I never took it any further than the course but do know a little about what I’m getting myself in for. Again, good and bad! Doing it yourself means you can literally do it as many times as you like for the cost of the products and your own time. 


During your practise runs head to the counters in department stores for their tips and tricks. Many will do your make up without having to purchase the products, unless you love them! 

If at any point it gets stressful-stop. It’s meant to be your style and you are meant to enjoy it. You certainly do not want to be stressed on your Big Day when you’ve got a spot or you’re skin isn’t playing ball. 

Other than that, PRACTISE, PRACTISE, PRACTISE. No one ever learnt to do perfect make up  every time overnight and you did let me hear from you! Any tips, tricks of advise please pop them in the comments. Thanks for reading!