What I’ve Learnt: Having a dog 

I have been around dogs since I was little and there are many fun and not so fun things I have learnt about having a dog. Since having our own dog as a couple there is also a difference between that and having a family pet as you’re growing up. 

Before I go any further I love dogs. I have my favourites of course, and breeds I’d prefer to others but I’m a great fan of most dogs. 

1. Get used to it. Picking up dog muck that is. You don’t realise that there is more than you think when it comes to clearing your garden. 

2. They’re adorable. Even when they’re older, less fluffy or getting grumpy. You can’t replace your dog because it’s old because they won’t replace you when you’re old. 

3. Puppies can be a handful. Like babies they will test many things with their mouth so if they aren’t allowed to eat it don’t leave it within their reach. Train it out of them, quick! 

4. Dogs still have their instincts no matter how hard you try. Our dog has known/lived with a cat all of her life yet still wants to bark at and chase after others. Same goes with animal scents, jumping in puddles etc. You can say ‘don’t do that’ as many times as you like, they love it. 

5. You don’t deserve their love. Ever. There is nothing you can give your dog that will equal how much they love you. 

If you’d like to add anything please do! 

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

I have had the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray for a few weeks now and use it on certain occasions where I am going out in the evening or spending all day somewhere. I had been looking for a setting spray for a while but didn’t want to spend money on a product I wasn’t sure of. It was on a recommendation that I bought this one from House of Fraser in Nottingham. As they were going through a packaging change this one was on sale for £7, the going rate for a drugstore setting spray anyway. 

Having never used anything else from Urban Decay before I did not know what to expect but am very happy with the setting spray and the demos I saw of the eye shadows on the day I purchased it. It is definitely an investment to keep your make up on for longer and I would recommend it to others. I also love the dewy effect it gives to top off my make up giving my skin a healthy glow. The blurb about the setting spray says it will help your makeup stay put for up to 16 hours. I haven’t put this part to the test yet but it has done extremely well in the hot weather we’ve been having recently. 

With my dry skin I also find that no matter what makeup I wear by the end of the day, or even a few hours in, I have creases around my mouth and deep lines under my eyes. This spray has also decreased this incredibly helping my skin not to look dried out, tired or looking like I’ve totally overdone the concealer. 

I almost wish I had bought two of them whilst they were on offer, even though it only gets used it for special events. If it runs out before the wedding in four weeks I will not risk trying another product and will stick to Urban Decay. 

If you have any setting spray recommendations or love the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, let me know! 

Thanks for reading! 

Furla Cosmetic Case 

Last summer we spent a fantastic holiday in Italy spending time in Venice and Verona. There is a street paved with marble in Verona and the most gorgeous shops you have ever seen. Famous high end brands are on either side and you don’t know where to look first. Or you can scurry past not daring to look at beautiful things and wanting them all. 

We have some family friends that live in Verona who came over recently and being the generous people they are bought gifts on their visit. This is where I show you the Furla cosmetic purse in all its cream leather glory. Furla is an Italian brand started in 1927 by Aldo Furlanetto and I am all for companies proud to put their own name to their business. They do have a few sellers in the U.K if you want to get something for yourself. I have never had a cosmetic bag from such a high end brand and almost dare not use it but I also know that’s not the point. Having said this only clean products will ever go in it, I’ll have to remember that! 

Thanks for reading! 

The Hen Do

It is Monday morning and it’s the week after the weekend before. Obviously.

The weekend before included my hen night and two days worth of girl time. It started with a bang, quite literally. Me and my mother-in-law to be bumped into each other’s cars when we were trying to rush. It was a complete accident but I think things come in three’s so was waiting for the next ‘oops’ moment. 

Both of us took the trip to my mums as four of us were leaving from there to the train station. On route, and me being me, I remembered that I hadn’t brought the paperwork that of course, was important to the trip to London. After a message to a friend who lives in London she happily printed out the forms and saved us another worry! 

After arriving at the train station there was a highly rushed moment of finding the train, locating two other lovely Hens coming to London and before we knew it 7 of us jumped on the train and we were off. Literally off. Two stops later on the ticket collector came around and pointed out we were on the wrong train. With the rush, two trains to London from the station and a couple of platform changes we had got on the wrong train! 

After speaking to a great station manager and wonderful train manager we were able to get seven seats on the next train into the city. Phew! Only half an hour later we were on the train finally on our way. 

On arrival we met up with our eighth and final Hen and headed to our hotel in Battersea. It was the Pestana Hotel Chelsea Bridge and it was fantastic. Modern with a spa in the basement and prosecco included it definitely exceeded expectations. Our first to-do of the weekend was to use the spa and pool. Consisting of a sauna and steam room it was great to finally relax and start to enjoy the time after the morning of stress. 

It wasn’t long before we were getting ready for our evening out. Cocktail making at the Piccadilly Institute had been booked, we had our goody bags filled with sashes and photo props and off we went. (After a prosecco or two.) It was the first time I had ever got an Uber and I can definitely recommend them if you’re in the city. 

The Piccadilly Institute was a great start to the evening. Our cocktail making host was named Kenny who made sure everything ran smoothly so we had a fun time. Making loads of cocktails, having a laugh and taking plenty of photos all the Hens enjoyed the evening and carried on dancing on the different areas of the club. Starting in the 90’s bar we headed to R’n’B  side of the club and treated ourselves to a couple more drinks before heading back to the hotel. It wasn’t super late and I was more than happy I wasn’t going to be crazily hungover the next day. 

Sunday started with a cooked breakfast and a spa session after packing our bags. A swim, sauna and plenty of water refreshed some of the Hens before our next trip out to Clapham. We were going Biscuit decorating and for an afternoon tea at Biscuiteers on Northcote Road. The two tier cake stand arrived with sandwiches and more sweet treats that could possibly have in one sitting. Including macaroons, brownies, biscuits and more we were also handed warm, fresh from the oven, scones. It was all delicious and as mentioned all of us brought something home to eat later. 
Biscuit decorating was also fun. Having done it before I had a rough idea of how to pipe but I can’t say that anymore skill shone through! The biscuits they sell in the shop are crazily skillfull and each one is perfect it’s hard to see how they do it so precisely once you’ve had a go. 

A tube journey back to Kings Cross to start our journey home and we were done. It felt like a busy weekend and there was a lot of travelling but I had a fantastic Hen weekend with my lovely Hens consisting of family and friends. I would certainly recommend the places we visited including the hotel if you’re planning a trip to London. 

If you’re planning a Hen weekend have a great time! 

Thanks for reading,

London: Go Karts and Biscuits 

It had been a while since we had visited our friends in London and we thought we’d pay them a visit and make it a good one. The plan was to relax on the Friday once we had arrived and have a good ‘ol catch up over dinner. 

We made plans for the Saturday to try Go Karting in the morning. After a full English breakfast in Wimbledon we went to Team Sport Go Karting in Mitcham and booked two 15 minute sessions for the four of us. Unfortunately it was guaranteed that myself and my friend Colette weren’t going to be winning fastest driver of the day what with the guys being in super competitive mode. I have been Karting before but I can’t say it falls within my skill set. 

After the first round I can confirm that Go Karting doesn’t come naturally as I was tenth – out of ten. After the second round this was still true however I had sped up my lap time by 5 seconds which I can ultimately say that I am pretty proud of. The two Mr C’s gave each other a good run and their competitive streak certainly came out. My Mr C happily lapped everyone on the second turn and came out top of the leader board. Well done you! 

For some reason being sat in a little kart, concentrating on sharp corners and moving your arms makes you quite tired so we headed back for a break and lunch. I had been wanting to visit the Biscuiteers shop whilst we were in London since seeing them on Twitter and their amazingly decorated treats. This became the afternoon plan and we made our way to their shop in Clapham. 

I’ll say now what I really wanted to do was decorate biscuits. They have an icing cafe section where you can drink tea and turn your hand to a bit of biscuit design. Online it says you can simply turn up however when we got there it was too busy and we should have reserved a place. So as a note to all if you’re wanting to go at the weekend call them up first. After a walk down the high street and back we ended up returning to the shop managing to get a space for four. 

They seated us and prepared a cake stand of plain biscuits in various shapes. Butterflies, aeroplanes, teapots and presents were all there amongst a few simpler shapes. We were also given a bowl with coloured icing all ready to go in piping bags. It was £15 for 3 biscuits and £2 for any extra so we decided on a set per couple seeing as the men of the group weren’t so sure as to what we had gotten them into. 

We ordered teas and coffees to keep us going through the process and got on (mostly in quiet concentration) with decorating our chosen shapes. For my first biscuit I chose a teapot and Mr C went with an aeroplane, our friends chose a butterfly and the three tier cake before we moved onto the next ones. I will say here, before I go any further, we didn’t know that the biscuits, once iced, got put in the oven to harden. As we didn’t know this Mr C decorated his aeroplane biscuit then scoffed it straight away. No nonsense that man. The rest of our biscuits however made it to the oven and all the way home after being wrapped and boxed very carefully. It has to be commented that the ladies at the Biscuiteers shop were nothing short of lovely, smiley people and I personally would return to do it all again. But next time pipe icing better, of course. (If you couldn’t tell my biscuit is the bottom picture.) 

Myself and Mr C left London shortly after to drive home. Two great days were had and we will certainly be going back soon, to do what I’m not sure. Any recommendations or ideas let me know! 

Thanks for reading! 

The Beauty Bus and Kiehl’s Van in Nottingham 

Nottingham, like most city centres, was very busy at the weekend and I’m sure that this had something to do with the sun and the fact it was fashion week. As an addition to the styles and trends going on at the minute there was also a double decker beauty bus in the middle of the market square along with the Kiehl’s truck. Naturally I visited both. 

Firstly I entered the beauty bus to see what brands and products were on board. There was Origins, Lancôme and Clarins all on the top level and each offered customers a view on what new products were available and showing their best sellers. I had never tried any Origins products before so decided to head there first. They were demonstrating their facemasks and one definitely caught my attention. The bronzed coloured GinZing Peel-Off Mask looked just as good out of the tube as the tube did itself and kept its coloured shimmer on my skin. The purpose of the mask is to refine and refresh the skin and even though I had only tried it on the back of my hand it does make me want to try the product fully. Next to these were the other facemask products that grabbed my attention, the Flower Fusion sheet masks. I’m a bit late on the bandwagon here and haven’t tried one yet so am certainly going to purchase one next time I see them. Each mask had its own purpose and due to my dryness I would have to go for the Rose mask. 

Next up I visited the Clarins stand at the back of the bus. There was a small display of their latest Hydra Essentiel range. As I have just mentioned anything that states that it is hydrating I simply want to know all about it. There was also the Double Serum on show and guests were kindly given a sample to take home with them. I have previously tried a couple of Clarins samples and they are good but without trying a full product or more of their range I can’t give an educated opinion on the brand. 

Last but not least was the Lancôme representative in the centre of the bus. She was absolutely lovely and was very busy with others so I stood and watched for a minute as she took a look at each guests skin shade and gave them a sample of their Teint Idole Ultrawear Foundation. This product has reportedly come top recently in a blind test and comes in forty shades (!). The Lancôme stand and representative were from John Lewis at the Intu Victoria Centre and from the brief consultation I would definitely pay them a visit. 

Out of the bus and back in the market square was the Kiehl’s truck. I had frequently passed their store but not knowing anything about the brand or products (apart from other bloggers online) had never gone in. The fact that the truck was open and welcoming made me head up and see what the brand was about. The truck had a lot of products on display and it was hard to take it all in but the ladies were very happy to help out and ask me about my skins needs. I left with four samples including the Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil and and Midnight Recovery Concentrate which really caught my attention as I love products that I can leave on overnight.  The results from these samples will have their own post soon so keep your eyes peeled. 

I stayed in Nottingham for the Intu Bloggers Event which was great fun, beauty and fashion all in one day. Perfect! 

If you visited the beauty bus or have any recommendations or views on the products above, let me know! 

Thanks for reading! 

Nottingham Intu Fashion Event 

The afternoon started with Bellini’s whilst sat in Rizzoli’s and the sun streaming through the glass roof. How fancy does that sound? Well, as one by one the bloggers started to arrive we each got treated to a flavour of choice Bellini and our own section in the restaurant of Rizzoli’s chatting away and snapping photos of menus and drinks, mainly because Bellini’s are very Instagram-able, who knew? This was all in aid of the celebration of Nottingham Fashion Week. There was plenty to see and do including catwalk shows and the beauty bus which I shall talk about more later. 

This event was organised by the lovely people at Intu Victoria Centre and the next part of the day was in the throw of things. On a backdrop of the latest trends was going to be a fashion show every hour. We were able to watch one showing new pieces and the Spring trends being sold at the Victoria Centre. These included embroidery, fuschia and frills along with how to style the pieces again with different accessories to make an outfit go from daytime to evening. 

The show was great to watch and take photos of to remember the key items I would like in my wardrobe. The fuschia jumpsuit was an absolute favourite of mine, being wearable, bright and how it could be dressed up or down it would certainly suit my style. Another was a piece on show behind the models, a jacket from River Island featuring embroidery and stripes. 

When the fashion show had finished we again had the opportunity to take photos of the pieces and ask questions about anything we had seen. It was here when we also got photos taken of ourselves by the ‘paparazzi’ a great addition to the event on a busy Saturday. 

Next on the agenda was our Fashion Challenge. We each picked out a ticket from a lucky dip attached to a gift card for the Intu centre. Our task was to use the gift card to purchase an item linked to the phrase on the ticket. These phrases included Seeing Red, Nautical Stripes, Ruffles and Frills amongst others. I pulled out Ruffles and Frills and was very happy as I love the trend right now. We had just over 30 minutes to complete the challenge so three of us grouped together to name the shops we were going to visit and head to each. Yes, we actually had some form of tactics. It’s serious business when you have a time limit on purchasing clothes. 

After a quick run around we each found a piece to match up with the cards given and were happy with our purchases. We then took them back to meet up with the others at Handmade Burger Company which we were again very much treated! Over burgers, fries and a gin and tonic we chatted and showed each other our items. Some girls had bought shirts, some scarves and some lipsticks relating to their red or pink theme. 

Once the day had finished we all went our separate ways, a couple even going back to use their remaining gift card. I can say that it was so far the best Bloggers Event I’ve been invited to and wish to thank the organisers at Intu Victoria for bringing it together. 

If you went to any of the Nottingham Fashion Week events, let me know and tag your blog links below. I’d love to see them! 

Thanks for reading!