What I’ve Learnt: Having a dog 

I have been around dogs since I was little and there are many fun and not so fun things I have learnt about having a dog. Since having our own dog as a couple there is also a difference between that and having a family pet as you’re growing up. 

Before I go any further I love dogs. I have my favourites of course, and breeds I’d prefer to others but I’m a great fan of most dogs. 

1. Get used to it. Picking up dog muck that is. You don’t realise that there is more than you think when it comes to clearing your garden. 

2. They’re adorable. Even when they’re older, less fluffy or getting grumpy. You can’t replace your dog because it’s old because they won’t replace you when you’re old. 

3. Puppies can be a handful. Like babies they will test many things with their mouth so if they aren’t allowed to eat it don’t leave it within their reach. Train it out of them, quick! 

4. Dogs still have their instincts no matter how hard you try. Our dog has known/lived with a cat all of her life yet still wants to bark at and chase after others. Same goes with animal scents, jumping in puddles etc. You can say ‘don’t do that’ as many times as you like, they love it. 

5. You don’t deserve their love. Ever. There is nothing you can give your dog that will equal how much they love you. 

If you’d like to add anything please do! 


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