But First, Decaf Coffee

As I mentioned yesterday I have taken a break from blogging. About two months or just over and for that time I have also gone coffee free. Some of you will gasp in horror at this and others will think ‘no big deal’, right? I do both. 

I gasp in horror because I was drinking on average 5-6 coffees a day (plus tea) and I mean the strong stuff, I could drink the sludge stuff if it was all that was available. Going from this amount of caffeine to none at all was going to be a huge jump. The strange thing here was that even though I was taking so much on board I was still constantly tired, so I’d drink more. It didn’t affect my sleep and it didn’t change my performance on getting stuff done during the day. 

On to the ‘no big deal’ side of it. When I decided to stop drinking coffee, and even move to decaf tea, I thought going cold turkey would give me the shakes. I thought I’d be exhausted for the first few days and that’s even if I could do it. Two months or so later I’ve had two coffees towards the latter end of the time. One because I pressed the wrong button on a work coffee machine and didn’t want to waste it and the other very weak. 

Now you’re thinking ‘but why?’ 

I read somewhere that caffeine can increase anxiety levels. Previously my anxiety has gotten increasingly worse and OCD started to take over and it needed to stop. I’m lucky in the way that I noticed this and had supportive family that understood my reasoning. Don’t get me wrong I’m not completely cured by quitting caffeine but both issues have been eased by a huge amount. 

There is a coffee pot half full sat on the shelf in the kitchen and I still love the thought of a nice cup of coffee. For now though mainly for my health and sanity I’m staying with decaf and making different choices, fruit teas, hot chocolate and water. 

If you’ve had a similar experience or are thinking about making changes, let me know. 

Thanks for reading! 


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