Back To Blogging

I have been off of the social media grid for around two months now and I feel ready to return. Still being active on my personal Facebook page and catching up on twitter posts has been it for a while but I have missed the social aspect of blogger meet ups and feeling like part of a group of people with similar interests. 

On my little blog break I have had time to consider what I do and don’t want my blog to be about. I love skincare and always have and I intend to keep writing about it as a main topic. Travel and visiting local (and not so local) areas is also something I love doing and want to see and review as much as possible. Writing is one of the main reasons I need to come back. It was always a favourite lesson in my school years and I can’t imagine not being able to read and write. Whether they are stories, reviews or anecdotes I enjoy reading other blogs and writing -sorry, typing – my own. 

With this in mind there are also a few of my own more personal rules I shall follow. Not applying pressure to myself is one of these and this stands for quantity of blog posts. If one a week goes up, great! If two a week goes up, even better! If I don’t feel inspired about a subject or particular week this is also ok. 

The length of a post may also change. If I just fancy a few sentences on a topic with more photos or a huge chunk of text with only one I’m not going to get on at myself about it. 

After all of this, that’s it! I have returned to the blogging world and it’s going to be relaxed, talking about what I want to talk about whether that’s a little or a lot. I’m looking forward to it and want to say thank you for sticking with me. 
Thanks for reading! 


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