House of Fraser Beauty Event

A couple of weeks ago House of Fraser in Nottingham held an afternoon beauty event to include all of the make- up and skincare brands. On arrival we were handed a goody bag and tipple of choice to welcome us into the store. When a few more people had arrived we had a little walk round to see what we were able to do at each stand. 

The Urban Decay area at the front of the store was very appealing and having never had anything from the brand I decided to have a good look around. There were a lot of products and I loved the eyeshadow palettes in particular. The make-up assistant at Urban Decay did two lots of eye designs for the group and they were both faultless and perfect in colour. I had my eyeshadow done at the Yves Saint Laurent counter and again, loved the style. I like a natural palette and neutral tones in my day to day style and that is exactly what she did.  

There was also the Benefit and Bare Minerals counters to look at. I already use products from both brands and enjoyed seeing what newer products they had and learning a little more about each. The next eye cream I am definitely into trying is the Benefit It’s Potent Eye Cream. The assistant kindly explained it was great for dark circles under the eyes which is exactly what I struggle with. 

From the event we also learnt that House of Fraser holds beauty treatment rooms. I have known that other large department stores did these but hadn’t known that they were at the store in Nottingham and can’t wait to see what treatments are available at their next event. 

There was also a raffle held with some great prizes. From beauty products and skincare to perfumes there was a huge selection and plenty to go around. On the day I purchased the Urban Decay Setting Spray as it was recommend to me by Sophie in Wonderland. I have since used it and can say it is fantastic. It was a bargain on the day at half price and when it runs out, which is hopefully no time soon, I shall be getting another. 

Thanks for reading! 


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