What I’ve Learnt: Having a dog 

I have been around dogs since I was little and there are many fun and not so fun things I have learnt about having a dog. Since having our own dog as a couple there is also a difference between that and having a family pet as you’re growing up. 

Before I go any further I love dogs. I have my favourites of course, and breeds I’d prefer to others but I’m a great fan of most dogs. 

1. Get used to it. Picking up dog muck that is. You don’t realise that there is more than you think when it comes to clearing your garden. 

2. They’re adorable. Even when they’re older, less fluffy or getting grumpy. You can’t replace your dog because it’s old because they won’t replace you when you’re old. 

3. Puppies can be a handful. Like babies they will test many things with their mouth so if they aren’t allowed to eat it don’t leave it within their reach. Train it out of them, quick! 

4. Dogs still have their instincts no matter how hard you try. Our dog has known/lived with a cat all of her life yet still wants to bark at and chase after others. Same goes with animal scents, jumping in puddles etc. You can say ‘don’t do that’ as many times as you like, they love it. 

5. You don’t deserve their love. Ever. There is nothing you can give your dog that will equal how much they love you. 

If you’d like to add anything please do! 

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

I have had the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray for a few weeks now and use it on certain occasions where I am going out in the evening or spending all day somewhere. I had been looking for a setting spray for a while but didn’t want to spend money on a product I wasn’t sure of. It was on a recommendation that I bought this one from House of Fraser in Nottingham. As they were going through a packaging change this one was on sale for £7, the going rate for a drugstore setting spray anyway. 

Having never used anything else from Urban Decay before I did not know what to expect but am very happy with the setting spray and the demos I saw of the eye shadows on the day I purchased it. It is definitely an investment to keep your make up on for longer and I would recommend it to others. I also love the dewy effect it gives to top off my make up giving my skin a healthy glow. The blurb about the setting spray says it will help your makeup stay put for up to 16 hours. I haven’t put this part to the test yet but it has done extremely well in the hot weather we’ve been having recently. 

With my dry skin I also find that no matter what makeup I wear by the end of the day, or even a few hours in, I have creases around my mouth and deep lines under my eyes. This spray has also decreased this incredibly helping my skin not to look dried out, tired or looking like I’ve totally overdone the concealer. 

I almost wish I had bought two of them whilst they were on offer, even though it only gets used it for special events. If it runs out before the wedding in four weeks I will not risk trying another product and will stick to Urban Decay. 

If you have any setting spray recommendations or love the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, let me know! 

Thanks for reading! 

Furla Cosmetic Case 

Last summer we spent a fantastic holiday in Italy spending time in Venice and Verona. There is a street paved with marble in Verona and the most gorgeous shops you have ever seen. Famous high end brands are on either side and you don’t know where to look first. Or you can scurry past not daring to look at beautiful things and wanting them all. 

We have some family friends that live in Verona who came over recently and being the generous people they are bought gifts on their visit. This is where I show you the Furla cosmetic purse in all its cream leather glory. Furla is an Italian brand started in 1927 by Aldo Furlanetto and I am all for companies proud to put their own name to their business. They do have a few sellers in the U.K if you want to get something for yourself. I have never had a cosmetic bag from such a high end brand and almost dare not use it but I also know that’s not the point. Having said this only clean products will ever go in it, I’ll have to remember that! 

Thanks for reading! 

The Hen Do

It is Monday morning and it’s the week after the weekend before. Obviously.

The weekend before included my hen night and two days worth of girl time. It started with a bang, quite literally. Me and my mother-in-law to be bumped into each other’s cars when we were trying to rush. It was a complete accident but I think things come in three’s so was waiting for the next ‘oops’ moment. 

Both of us took the trip to my mums as four of us were leaving from there to the train station. On route, and me being me, I remembered that I hadn’t brought the paperwork that of course, was important to the trip to London. After a message to a friend who lives in London she happily printed out the forms and saved us another worry! 

After arriving at the train station there was a highly rushed moment of finding the train, locating two other lovely Hens coming to London and before we knew it 7 of us jumped on the train and we were off. Literally off. Two stops later on the ticket collector came around and pointed out we were on the wrong train. With the rush, two trains to London from the station and a couple of platform changes we had got on the wrong train! 

After speaking to a great station manager and wonderful train manager we were able to get seven seats on the next train into the city. Phew! Only half an hour later we were on the train finally on our way. 

On arrival we met up with our eighth and final Hen and headed to our hotel in Battersea. It was the Pestana Hotel Chelsea Bridge and it was fantastic. Modern with a spa in the basement and prosecco included it definitely exceeded expectations. Our first to-do of the weekend was to use the spa and pool. Consisting of a sauna and steam room it was great to finally relax and start to enjoy the time after the morning of stress. 

It wasn’t long before we were getting ready for our evening out. Cocktail making at the Piccadilly Institute had been booked, we had our goody bags filled with sashes and photo props and off we went. (After a prosecco or two.) It was the first time I had ever got an Uber and I can definitely recommend them if you’re in the city. 

The Piccadilly Institute was a great start to the evening. Our cocktail making host was named Kenny who made sure everything ran smoothly so we had a fun time. Making loads of cocktails, having a laugh and taking plenty of photos all the Hens enjoyed the evening and carried on dancing on the different areas of the club. Starting in the 90’s bar we headed to R’n’B  side of the club and treated ourselves to a couple more drinks before heading back to the hotel. It wasn’t super late and I was more than happy I wasn’t going to be crazily hungover the next day. 

Sunday started with a cooked breakfast and a spa session after packing our bags. A swim, sauna and plenty of water refreshed some of the Hens before our next trip out to Clapham. We were going Biscuit decorating and for an afternoon tea at Biscuiteers on Northcote Road. The two tier cake stand arrived with sandwiches and more sweet treats that could possibly have in one sitting. Including macaroons, brownies, biscuits and more we were also handed warm, fresh from the oven, scones. It was all delicious and as mentioned all of us brought something home to eat later. 
Biscuit decorating was also fun. Having done it before I had a rough idea of how to pipe but I can’t say that anymore skill shone through! The biscuits they sell in the shop are crazily skillfull and each one is perfect it’s hard to see how they do it so precisely once you’ve had a go. 

A tube journey back to Kings Cross to start our journey home and we were done. It felt like a busy weekend and there was a lot of travelling but I had a fantastic Hen weekend with my lovely Hens consisting of family and friends. I would certainly recommend the places we visited including the hotel if you’re planning a trip to London. 

If you’re planning a Hen weekend have a great time! 

Thanks for reading,

But First, Decaf Coffee

As I mentioned yesterday I have taken a break from blogging. About two months or just over and for that time I have also gone coffee free. Some of you will gasp in horror at this and others will think ‘no big deal’, right? I do both. 

I gasp in horror because I was drinking on average 5-6 coffees a day (plus tea) and I mean the strong stuff, I could drink the sludge stuff if it was all that was available. Going from this amount of caffeine to none at all was going to be a huge jump. The strange thing here was that even though I was taking so much on board I was still constantly tired, so I’d drink more. It didn’t affect my sleep and it didn’t change my performance on getting stuff done during the day. 

On to the ‘no big deal’ side of it. When I decided to stop drinking coffee, and even move to decaf tea, I thought going cold turkey would give me the shakes. I thought I’d be exhausted for the first few days and that’s even if I could do it. Two months or so later I’ve had two coffees towards the latter end of the time. One because I pressed the wrong button on a work coffee machine and didn’t want to waste it and the other very weak. 

Now you’re thinking ‘but why?’ 

I read somewhere that caffeine can increase anxiety levels. Previously my anxiety has gotten increasingly worse and OCD started to take over and it needed to stop. I’m lucky in the way that I noticed this and had supportive family that understood my reasoning. Don’t get me wrong I’m not completely cured by quitting caffeine but both issues have been eased by a huge amount. 

There is a coffee pot half full sat on the shelf in the kitchen and I still love the thought of a nice cup of coffee. For now though mainly for my health and sanity I’m staying with decaf and making different choices, fruit teas, hot chocolate and water. 

If you’ve had a similar experience or are thinking about making changes, let me know. 

Thanks for reading! 

Back To Blogging

I have been off of the social media grid for around two months now and I feel ready to return. Still being active on my personal Facebook page and catching up on twitter posts has been it for a while but I have missed the social aspect of blogger meet ups and feeling like part of a group of people with similar interests. 

On my little blog break I have had time to consider what I do and don’t want my blog to be about. I love skincare and always have and I intend to keep writing about it as a main topic. Travel and visiting local (and not so local) areas is also something I love doing and want to see and review as much as possible. Writing is one of the main reasons I need to come back. It was always a favourite lesson in my school years and I can’t imagine not being able to read and write. Whether they are stories, reviews or anecdotes I enjoy reading other blogs and writing -sorry, typing – my own. 

With this in mind there are also a few of my own more personal rules I shall follow. Not applying pressure to myself is one of these and this stands for quantity of blog posts. If one a week goes up, great! If two a week goes up, even better! If I don’t feel inspired about a subject or particular week this is also ok. 

The length of a post may also change. If I just fancy a few sentences on a topic with more photos or a huge chunk of text with only one I’m not going to get on at myself about it. 

After all of this, that’s it! I have returned to the blogging world and it’s going to be relaxed, talking about what I want to talk about whether that’s a little or a lot. I’m looking forward to it and want to say thank you for sticking with me. 
Thanks for reading! 

House of Fraser Beauty Event

A couple of weeks ago House of Fraser in Nottingham held an afternoon beauty event to include all of the make- up and skincare brands. On arrival we were handed a goody bag and tipple of choice to welcome us into the store. When a few more people had arrived we had a little walk round to see what we were able to do at each stand. 

The Urban Decay area at the front of the store was very appealing and having never had anything from the brand I decided to have a good look around. There were a lot of products and I loved the eyeshadow palettes in particular. The make-up assistant at Urban Decay did two lots of eye designs for the group and they were both faultless and perfect in colour. I had my eyeshadow done at the Yves Saint Laurent counter and again, loved the style. I like a natural palette and neutral tones in my day to day style and that is exactly what she did.  

There was also the Benefit and Bare Minerals counters to look at. I already use products from both brands and enjoyed seeing what newer products they had and learning a little more about each. The next eye cream I am definitely into trying is the Benefit It’s Potent Eye Cream. The assistant kindly explained it was great for dark circles under the eyes which is exactly what I struggle with. 

From the event we also learnt that House of Fraser holds beauty treatment rooms. I have known that other large department stores did these but hadn’t known that they were at the store in Nottingham and can’t wait to see what treatments are available at their next event. 

There was also a raffle held with some great prizes. From beauty products and skincare to perfumes there was a huge selection and plenty to go around. On the day I purchased the Urban Decay Setting Spray as it was recommend to me by Sophie in Wonderland. I have since used it and can say it is fantastic. It was a bargain on the day at half price and when it runs out, which is hopefully no time soon, I shall be getting another. 

Thanks for reading!