Nottingham Intu Fashion Event 

The afternoon started with Bellini’s whilst sat in Rizzoli’s and the sun streaming through the glass roof. How fancy does that sound? Well, as one by one the bloggers started to arrive we each got treated to a flavour of choice Bellini and our own section in the restaurant of Rizzoli’s chatting away and snapping photos of menus and drinks, mainly because Bellini’s are very Instagram-able, who knew? This was all in aid of the celebration of Nottingham Fashion Week. There was plenty to see and do including catwalk shows and the beauty bus which I shall talk about more later. 

This event was organised by the lovely people at Intu Victoria Centre and the next part of the day was in the throw of things. On a backdrop of the latest trends was going to be a fashion show every hour. We were able to watch one showing new pieces and the Spring trends being sold at the Victoria Centre. These included embroidery, fuschia and frills along with how to style the pieces again with different accessories to make an outfit go from daytime to evening. 

The show was great to watch and take photos of to remember the key items I would like in my wardrobe. The fuschia jumpsuit was an absolute favourite of mine, being wearable, bright and how it could be dressed up or down it would certainly suit my style. Another was a piece on show behind the models, a jacket from River Island featuring embroidery and stripes. 

When the fashion show had finished we again had the opportunity to take photos of the pieces and ask questions about anything we had seen. It was here when we also got photos taken of ourselves by the ‘paparazzi’ a great addition to the event on a busy Saturday. 

Next on the agenda was our Fashion Challenge. We each picked out a ticket from a lucky dip attached to a gift card for the Intu centre. Our task was to use the gift card to purchase an item linked to the phrase on the ticket. These phrases included Seeing Red, Nautical Stripes, Ruffles and Frills amongst others. I pulled out Ruffles and Frills and was very happy as I love the trend right now. We had just over 30 minutes to complete the challenge so three of us grouped together to name the shops we were going to visit and head to each. Yes, we actually had some form of tactics. It’s serious business when you have a time limit on purchasing clothes. 

After a quick run around we each found a piece to match up with the cards given and were happy with our purchases. We then took them back to meet up with the others at Handmade Burger Company which we were again very much treated! Over burgers, fries and a gin and tonic we chatted and showed each other our items. Some girls had bought shirts, some scarves and some lipsticks relating to their red or pink theme. 

Once the day had finished we all went our separate ways, a couple even going back to use their remaining gift card. I can say that it was so far the best Bloggers Event I’ve been invited to and wish to thank the organisers at Intu Victoria for bringing it together. 

If you went to any of the Nottingham Fashion Week events, let me know and tag your blog links below. I’d love to see them! 

Thanks for reading! 

FrezyDerm Product Review

I always stick to my usual skincare products. A few times I have strayed off course, most of the time trying to save a bit of money. With a lot of skincare products I have tried and tested over my time, what with samples from previous spa jobs and various facial treatments, I have unfortunately found that spending a little more gets you a little more. Whenever I have attempted switching to a cheaper drugstore alternative it hasn’t worked for me – moisturiser, cleanser, nope! They seem too heavy or too runny and don’t heal the skin but simply sit on the surface until you wipe it off. I also try to save my more expensive spa products until I absolutely need them, which also probably does my skin no good, so I needed something that worked and didn’t cost the earth. FrezyDerm products are fitting the bill right now after I was sent two full sized tubes, one to be moisturiser and one to be serum. With my constant dry skin and season-changing t-zone I was sure going to put them to the test. 

I tried the moisturiser at the perfect time, a major flare up of dry skin. After three gym classes without a sip of water and washing my face fairly vigorously I found my skin felt incredibly dehydrated. I will admit that because my skin was so sensitive at the time I was hesitant about applying a new product but I needn’t have worried. Almost immediately the moisturiser soothed the dry skin on my cheeks and the area around my mouth which had started to become uncomfortable. The moisturiser hydrated the rest of my face which had previously felt very tight before application and made me feel much more human.

Applying the product was great as it is a light texture that doesn’t feel like it’s clogging the pores or simply sitting on the face. It slides easily, soaking into the skin, and moves around so you do not need as much of the product. I use two pumps for my face and one for my neck which works well for me. I have been using the moisturiser once a day, in the morning before applying any make up, as it also states it can be used as a base.

The Revitalising Serum was another product I was able to try from the range and this was one I was wary about. Every time I have previously used a serum it has blurred my vision. Not in such a bad way I couldn’t see just so much that I repeatedly ended up drying my eyes. After this happened a few times I applied less each time, finally trying it just on my cheeks, yet nothing worked. Serum use stopped after a few times when different products gave the same results. This one from FrezyDerm however did not give me that issue, no blurry eyes and no wiping, perfect. Another plus point for this serum is also its texture. It is thicker than most so there is no waste. Some serums with a more watery consistency tend to slide through my fingers before it has reached my face, not this one.

My first impressions of the packaging were mixed. The products certainly look like they have come out of the lab with their test tube appearance but on further use I actually love it. It’s different and completely shows off the FrezyDerm company background and origin (being made for dermatologists). The pumps are also great giving you just the right product amount without waste as some tubes can do.

As I hadn’t heard of the brand before I undertook some research on who they were and what else they provide. The brand has many areas including baby care products, skincare including treatments for skin issues such as acne and sun protection products. Due to their history in dermatology they can be seen as a trustworthy and knowledgeable brand and even though I had not seen their lines in stores previously I would now purchase online. The 24 hour moisturiser I had been sent cost £16.50 from the FrezyDerm website with the Revitalising Serum priced at £24.50. These to me are very reasonably priced and lie inbetween the high street and spa prices but certainly have the quality in their products results.

If you have tried anything from FrezyDerm tell me how you got on! Did you like it or are you wanting to try it now?

Thanks for reading!

Threads Beauty Co. Eyelashes Review 

A couple of weeks ago I kindly received some stunning false eyelashes in the post from Threads Beauty Company. They will soon be opening their store in London and I absolutely can’t wait to attend their open day and see it showing off their products. 

I have only applied my own false lashes a couple of times and I will unashamedly say that this was actually around 5 years ago. You can tell I didn’t get on with them! The glue didn’t stick properly and they repeatedly became loose or fell off making me and my eyes look a little lopsided, this wasn’t the look I was going for so I soon stopped using the lashes and hadn’t touched the self application ones since. A year ago I was given the opportunity to try some semi-permanent lashes from a beauty therapist in training. The outcome of the treatment looked fantastic and I loved having my long, head turning eye lashes that did look quite natural. The only downside to this was the fact that it was a treatment and a long one at that. If my memory serves me rightly it took two hours to apply the glue and individual lashes and unfortunately I do not have this time available on a regular basis to maintain the look. 

This is why, when offered the chance to try the lashes from Threads Beauty Co. I jumped at the chance to try again at home. The lovely company sent me three sets to use and review. So here’s my review; I love them! I received two more natural looking sets and one pair of lashes that gave all the drama you could possibly want. Not wanting to waste their beauty I waited to wear them on a Saturday when I would be heading out shopping and visiting family. With past experience I gave myself plenty of time to apply them but I needn’t have bothered. Applying the glue carefully and minimally to the lash strip I took a second for the glue to become tacky and gently picked them with the tweezers to place them as close to my own lash line as possible. With a gentle press down and a few seconds they were stuck perfectly with the glue showing no peeling corners or lifts on the centre. It literally could not have been easier and I don’t know why I have put off false lashes for so long. 

After the lash application I put on some MUA deep purple shadow with a lighter pink in the corner of my eyes and lined them with the MUA felt liner to completely disguise the strip edge. The glue went completely, and rather surprisingly, invisible and there was no over hang or bits peeling off. The lashes sat exactly where they were glued and there was no movement even after applying the eye make-up. Both lashes stayed on all day even after being out in the wind and rain on a shopping expedition and braving the British weather and I couldnt have asked for more from the products. 

The lashes have been very comfortable to wear without bearing down into my eyes or becoming heavy on my lids. I am saving the larger, more dramatic lashes for my Hen night which should be coming within the next month or so. They will be perfect for the occasion and I believe they will give such a photo ready finish to whatever make-up look I choose for the evening. There have been a few people comment on my look and ask why I looked a little more ‘dressy’ than usual. This is what I loved when I had the semi-permanent individual lashes applied I just simply found that I couldn’t keep the process up maintaining the care and re-applications. The cost also comes into consdieration here as one treatment for false lash application was going to cost around £50 each time whereas the products from Threads cost £9.00 per pair and can be reused. 

If you have used the products, or any others from Threads, let me know! 

Thanks for reading! 

The National Wedding Show Manchester 

I had been determined to visit one of the multiple events this year that The National Wedding Show were holding and a week before their final show was invited by friend and fellow blogger Sherry over at Sherry Scribbles. A girly day out was on the cards to gather ideas for our own 2017 and 2018 weddings and to take plenty of photos. 

On arrival we were excited to head in to EventCity Manchester and see what the new wedding trends were, watch the fashion show and get our hair and make up done with Revlon. I have to start on a negative I’m afraid as when we got into the arena, after checking the cost of a VIP ticket, we were charged £40 instead of the £35 stated on the internet. The lady behind the desk did not know that this was the case and wasn’t interested in our statements. We then still bought our VIP tickets for the new cost of £40 and asked where the VIP area was to go and treat ourselves to a glass of Blossom Hill wine after a two hour drive and collect our gift bags. She didn’t know. We were off to a good start. 

We carried on through to the main hall and were greeted with everything that you could need at your wedding. Apart from the registrar, of course! There was a multitude of decorations, venues, floral companies and dress stands selling and advertising their companies. Almost immediately, like it was meant to be, we found ourselves looking at the beautiful wedding cakes from Pink Cocoa.  The colours, detail and flower decoration on each cake showed impressive skill and an eye for precision. On walking around more stalls we soon found the Black Tower wine stand where we had our photo taken as well as at a Magic Mirror supplied by ProBooth. 

It was pure coincidence that we were walking past the Joseph Massie flower stand when we saw the florist setting up for the next event. It was an English Buttonhole Making session so we chose our place at the table and took some photos as the roses, greenery and tools were laid out in front of us. A tutorial with clear instructions and a visual demonstration was given and we had created some beautiful buttonholes. From the day I would probably have to say that this was my favourite part. The florist giving the workshop was nothing short of lovely and incredibly helpful even giving extra tips as and when needed. They run their own flower school with a range of courses including a 3 day wedding course and I personally would love to attend one. They show you how to make your own bouquet and any other flowers you would need for your wedding. Perfect for the DIY bride or anyone with an interest in the business. 

Continuing around the event we visited make up stands, venues holding competitions and saw as many wedding dresses as you could possibly see in one day. There were some seriously stunning embellished dresses and some that were completely identical with their feathers or more revealing styles. We later found the VIP section in the corner of the room and it was clearly time to put our bags down and grab a refreshment. This was also where the Revlon stand was performing hair and make up trials. Heading over we found it was completely booked up for the rest of the day which we found extremely dissapointing. It was on a first come first served basis which was understandable but there wasn’t enough staff or chairs for the amount of visitors that day. My hair is one of the crucial things I have no idea how to style on our wedding day this Summer so was looking forward to a few ideas. We sat for a while sipping at our drinks, mine being elderflower (so good!) and decided to get back up and seeing what else was being shown. 

Further time was spent looking at and purchasing decorations, seeing pianists and being amazed by magicians. Bags on bags were handed to us with various gifts and leaflets and we left with armfuls of items and magazines to look at later. 

The National Wedding Show also held a catwalk to view dresses, suits and shoes sold and shown by the stall holders. It was a fantastic show with modern music and plenty of gorgeous styles. We were in awe of the beautiful dresses and I particularly liked the striking pieces with the glittery tulle skirts and in contrast the structured dresses. 

With our feet starting to tire and in need of a strong coffee we headed back to the car, but not before picking up a sample of Shropshire Petal confetti and a Wedding Ideas magazine. It is safe to say that the gifts, samples and demonstrations given by the stall holding companies and sponsors were very generous. Sherry even left the show with two bottles of Black Tower wine, later kindly handing me the rosé – what can I say, the girls got my back. 

The day overall was great, informative and entertaining. It gave us both plenty of ideas and was better than any wedding events I have been to so far. The only downside was the charge and the fact we couldn’t get in to have our hair done even though this is primarily what you pay the money for. Next time we would probably go with the usual entrance fee. 
If you attended any of The National Wedding Show events tell me what you thought. Did you book anyone or anything? Did you go VIP? Would you go again? 

Thanks for reading! 

Urban Beauty United Brush Review 

I have been using these new Urban Beauty United brushes since they arrived a few days ago and certainly want to carry on with them. Apart from being a mix of gorgeous rose gold, cream and bright pink colours they are incredibly soft. I am in love with the colour of these brushes as I have never had any fuschia pink brushes to apply my make up before. Black and brown is as crazy as I have ever gone. The handles of these are cream in colour with a rose gold ferrule and like many at the minute I am firmly on the rose gold loving bandwagon. 

In my make up kit at the minute I have a few brushes but not many as I’ll explain. Some have been a part of my Bareminerals starter kits and a Smashbox set for contouring that I was gifted for my birthday. I truly love all of my brushes and if ever find a brush I can not get along with it goes straight to brush heaven i.e. the bin. In the past I have had a couple of brushes that have been washed and not held their shape and some that became unusable even after being rinsed of product throughly. This being said I was looking forward to trying the Urban Beauty United selection to see how they would fare. 

The Berry Blush angled blusher brush has been used to apply both a pressed and loose powder contour.  Before this I used a thicker rounder brush without the sculpted bristle style and can’t believe the difference in my cheek contour. It has been more precise and natural looking for that last week and I wouldn’t go back to using the old brush. The bristles on the Berry Blush brush are all natural and with this being so are super soft and smoothly apply the powder. 

I have also been trying the Picture Perfect stippling brush to apply my liquid foundation. Again I have been using a similar shaped brush for a while but have been more than happy to try the Urban Beauty United version. This, like the Berry Brush, was soft to touch and glided smoothly when applying my make-up. Others I have previously used tend to pull on the skin and move the make up round leaving a stripy foundation look. Not really what I’m going for. The stippling brush, being made of both natural and nylon bristles, gives a smoother feel and didn’t pull, this is especially important around my eyes as I hate pulling the skin anywhere near them.

The Smoke Screens Smokey Eye Brush Kit has also been in rotation with my other eye shadow brushes recently. I do not often apply eyeshadow unless it is a special occasion and even then I tend to stick to similar colours. In this look I used pinks and purples as I don’t tend to wear a black smokey eye, I can’t get it to suit me. After trying all three brushes from the set I found that they were very good for the pressed and loose powder shadows I used.  They held onto product, applied it gently to the soft skin around the eye and held their shape after use. All very important things when considering brushes so I would definitely recommend them but not too different from what other eyeshadow brushes also offer. Apart from the wicked colour, that is. 

Urban Beauty United do offer more and different shaped brushes along with sponges and other beauty tools over at so check them out if you fancy something a little bolder! 

Thanks for reading! 

Nottingham In Fashion Event

A few weeks ago I was kindly invited to the Nottingham in Fashion Bloggers Event. It was held at The Beauty Temple in Nottingham city centre to include a fashion show and cocktails as well as offering make-up tips and a sneak preview of what would be at the Nottingham in Fashion catwalk shows towards the end of March. 

On arrival I was greeted, shown where everything was and quickly started taking photos. There weren’t many bloggers there at this point so I took my photo opportunity while it was quiet and got most of them in. After a little walk around the salon I spotted the cocktails; glitterbombs with plenty of glitter! They were gorgeous and I am definitely going to be using edible glitter to make them at our next party. A lovely surprise was that the cocktails were not a one off for our evening at The Beauty Temple. They can be served whilst you have your nails done or treat yourself to a pedicure and add a great touch if you and friends want to celebrate something while you get pampered! Hello Hen party ideas? 

A treatment room to the side showed off the make up brand Delilah that is sold at the salon and a therapist was on hand to answer any questions and trial the make up if you  wished. I didn’t do this on the night but would love to try some of the products after seeing them all laid out. Another brand they sold was Elemis and as we all know I’m a mega fan I think I’ll be treating myself to a pre-wedding facial at some point. 

The event continued with more cocktails being poured and the pizza, brought by MOD pizza, being very much eaten. It was soon time for the fashion show which would give us a little hint as to what themes and pieces would be seen on the catwalks the following month. The outfits were supplied by various companies such as Cow, John Lewis and Jigsaw.

One of my favourite outfits of the evening was from the Statement Sportswear range. As a fitness instructor I am constantly trying to pull the sport luxe style off in class so taking it outside of work and making it more wearable and casual is perfect for me. The outfit consisted of a white t-shirt and essien crepe jumpsuit, both supplied by French Connection and priced at £30 and £100 respectively. 

After the trends and clothes were shown we continued to chat, take photos and tuck into pizza and nibbles. Towards the end of the evening we each received gift bags which included sweets, perfume samples, a magazine and a VIP show ticket for the main event. 

The catwalk shows at the Nottingham In Fashion events in March will be themed From Campus to Club, From Desk to Dinner and Style Classics, just in case you wanted to see a specific style. Each will be showing different retailers from Primark and New Look to Ted Baker and Cath Kidston. I can’t wait to attend and I’m looking forward to seeing the clothes and shows in all of their glory. If you are attending any of the fashion events let me know. 

Thanks for reading! 

Wedding Dress Shopping Experiences and Tips 

Your wedding dress is probably the first thing you think of when you start wedding planning. You may not want to go shopping for it straight away, maybe choosing your venue and themes first, and I have heard some stories where it has been one of the last things a Bride-to-be has purchased. I wouldn’t dare have let my mum sweat that much. 

Having already purchased my dress I will say that I could do it again and again. Not to change my mind or buy another, just to try them on. I have always been a bit of a material geek appreciating a good quality fabric (again, hi mum) and wedding dresses are made of silks, satins, metres of tulle and and beautiful lace. Whether they are simple in cut or have ruffles and layers or plain and sleek or covered in embellishments there is something out there for every bride and I truly believe you should love your wedding dress. 

I took a visit to the I Do Bridal boutique in Mansfield recently and the ladies welcomed me very warmly. There was a bride to be purchasing a dress whilst i was there and before long we were all talking weddings and dress shopping experiences. The lady who was a little older than say most brides talked about her previous experience whilst looking at wedding dresses at another salon. Unfortunately this wasn’t a happy one and she had been made to feel unimportant, not what any bride wants before her big day. I can honestly say her and her husband to be (who was with her but not allowed to see the dress!)had a lovely time at I Do Bridal and was completely turned around. 

The manager also spoke of another customer who had been shunned from a different salon for bringing a pushchair into the shop after just having had a baby. Now I cant speak for everyone but the woman just pushed a child out, can she not be given a little respect please? Without a doubt she took her custom elsewhere and it is here where I encourage this behaviour. I believe it was Eleanor Roosevelt who said something along the lines of ‘No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.’ If you aren’t being shown respect and decency when you intend to be spending a small fortune don’t shop there. 

Another thing I learnt from my visit was the importance of skill. ESPECIALLY when it comes to wedding dresses. Having met the seamstress we were able to talk alterations and the skill required. My mum (being a seamstress herself) recently altered a wedding dress that had apparently already been made to fit. In this case it was rather uncomfortable until she made significant alterations to the style to make it wearable. When you have chosen your expensive and beautiful wedding dress make sure you don’t get your sister who stitched a button on once to take the hem up. In some cases even make sure you like the look of the boutiques alterations before you put your money down. You don’t want to be staring at any wonky hems or an oversized bodice two days before the ceremony and worrying!

I had a lovely time in the salon taking photos of dresses, looking at the styles and even seeing another couple make their own wedding plans. If you are going dress shopping anytime soon make sure your comfortable in the store and have people looking after you that know what they are talking about. You could walk in expecting to purchase one style and walk out with another that suits you ten times better!

Good luck wedding planning and thanks for reading!